Our news for June 2018


Welcome to summer or is it too early to say? Such a lot of sunshine at the moment so we have taken a full advantage of this during our activities carried out throughout the home.

Some of our lovely residents doing some lovely planting in the garden which you can see displayed and labelled around the outside grounds of the home itself.

On the days that it has not been so lovely outdoors we don’t want our ladies and gents to miss out on the action at all so we moved ourselves into the lower activity room to carry on the entertainment.

We did some painting of flower boxes which we also planted in as well this month they are outside soaking up the glorious sunshine in the garden.

Obviously we are human we all need to eat and what better to eat than sweet things….mmmmmmmm.

So as you can see our lovely residents have enjoyed doing some baking and then enjoyed doing some eating of all the lovely treats they made themselves.

Sitting in chairs and getting older is no joke!! So we’ve had our lovely Yvonne doing some exercises with our ladies and gents to keep them limber. Helps them keep us staff on our toes.

So as you can see we have had a very active time with Yvonne helping everyone keep limber.

And then last but not least who cannot forget the need for GAMES!!!

Everyone needs a little fun in their lives.

Fun keeps you young at heart!!

So as you can see our days are fun and action packed at Oldfield Bank.

Keep your eyes peeled for more monthly updates on what we have been up to each month.

We have an activity file full of more than what is here so please feel free to ask to have a look at what your relative has been up to this month.

Thank you for having a read. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did to do it.